Texas Artist Snips Paper Profiles to Benefit Breast Cancer Survivors

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by Marti Attoun – American Profile

September 27, 2011

Eden Rockwell, 4, perches on a chair and stares straight ahead as artist Cindi Harwood Rose creates a silhouette of the child’s face with surgical scissors and a blank sheet of black paper.

For a $40 donation to her Rose Ribbon Foundation, the Houston, Texas, woman clips Eden’s paper profile in 40 seconds and, in the process, helps fund reconstructive surgery for uninsured breast cancer survivors.

Eden’s mother, Allison, 34, of nearby Pearland (pop. 37,640), marvels at the silhouette’s striking resemblance to her daughter, complete with eyelashes, curls and hair ribbon.

Watch Cindy Harwood Rose clip a silhouetteSilhouettes for Survivors Watch Cindy Harwood Rose clip a silhouette
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“A good silhouette should be more than a shadow,” says Rose, 61, while snipping facial profiles during a benefit last October at Bering’s store in Houston. “It should capture the person’s personality.”

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