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Rose Petals is a division of the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation 501 (c) (3), focused on volunteerism and cancer-prevention; organizing events throughout the US to assist the uninsured with cancer of all ages and both genders, through events targeted to teens and young adults in their 20’s and 30’s.

Erica Rose Profile
Erica Rose, Rose Petals Director

Young people involved with Rose Petals who want to do their part and contribute to the misson of the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation perform acts of compassion across the United States and volunteer their services in many ways; such as education, visiting & entertaining children and adults in hospitals with outreach in various ways with art projects and music, and by cooking & bringing food to those affected by cancer and their families, who often appreciate these benefits beyond just financial assistance alone. Reality star, Erica Rose, attends, and helps to organize events in stores, boutiques, and schools that raise funds for the non- insured with cancer, and for research in cancer prevention.

In addition to making a difference in the lives of breast cancer survivors and those affected by critical illness, Rose Petals also provides an exciting networking and philanthropic outlet for teens, young adults, and professionals in their twenties & thirties. Our volunteer opportunities also provide an environment for people of different generations to work together to help our communities in different cities, developing mentor-ship, respect, friendship, and leadership skills while helping those who need it the most.

Our Rose Petals serve & support the Holly Rose Ribbon’s continuing efforts to aid uninsured & under-insured men, women, and children with critical illness and cancer. Inspired by the love from Cindi’s sister, Holly Harwood Skolkin, Holly’s example proved that those who have goals, support, and prayer, battle their physical health opportunity with longer lives. By making those feel “whole”, your support has helped with education, research, prevention of cancer, outreach, & alternative treatments when requested, world-wide. Holly’s examples of giving love to family and community while battling illness has made a lasting example to the world of living your highest path. Your continuing support has made this vision possible, of assisting those who have cancer and other illness stay well longer.

The love of the Rose Petals and Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, helps patients want to live. We look forward to your support and want to thank you in advance for your consideration.


If you’d like to become a member of Rose Petals, click here or visit the contact section of our web site.  If you are not able to volunteer, kindly consider a donation – every $10.00 you donate helps you to help young people to help others!  Thank you so much!

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