Rose Petals Director Erica Rose featured on Inside Edition

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Breast cancer affects one in eight women (about 12%) in the United States. Because it affects so many people, the fear of getting breast cancer is a very real response for women. While there aren’t any fail-proof prevention methods, there are some steps you can take to reduce your risk of getting breast cancer. For those who have a family history of breast cancer, the statistics are even greater.

According to researchers, women who have breast reduction surgery can possibly decrease their risk of getting breast cancer. Depending on how much of the breast tissue is taken out during the procedure, women can reduce their risk by about 60% by getting a reduction. For someone who was already considering a reduction this is a great additional benefit.

By Inside Edition Staff

Erica Rose said she was bullied for her looks on national TV, so she decided to do something about it.

Erica Rose underwent a total of six procedures to feel more confident.

Rose appeared on “Bachelor Pad” in 2011, where a big bull’s eye was painted on her back along with the other female contestants. The men then threw balloons filled with paint at the woman they found least attractive.

Rose was pelted repeatedly, and years later, the rejection still stings.

“It was really, really horrible,” she told Inside Edition.

The show left her feeling insecure, Rose said.

“I’m not comfortable inside my own body,” she explained, adding, “Especially after being bullied.”

So Rose is undergoing a total of six procedures to help herself feel more comfortable, including liposuction around her chin, abs, back, and thighs. She also got a breast reduction and lift.

“My breasts have become unmanageable,” she said, complaining that she can’t fit into her work clothes because they are too big after having kids.

Rose’s husband, Charles Sanders, doesn’t think she needs surgery at all, but she decided to move forward anyway.

“I think she looks great,” Sanders said.

One month post-op, Rose feels better than ever. She also finally feels confident in a business suit.

Check out the transformation in the video above.