Donated plastic surgery gives Houston woman disfigured in brutal assault strength, new purpose in life

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After almost a year of emotional and physical pain caused by a traumatic incident, Dr. Franklin A. Rose performed multiple surgeries on Rachel Busch with the support of The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation. This surgical transformation has offered her a new lease on life and the opportunity to return to being the beautiful women she is both on the inside and the outside after undergoing her year-long survivor’s journey.

Busch suffered a skull fracture, shattered cheekbones, shattered teeth, a broken jaw, and broken eye sockets.

Doctors were able to save her life but the injuries forever changed her appearance.

“There have been times where I have felt like I wish that he would’ve taken my life because everything that I’m going through is so hard,” she said.

But through it all, she’s found strength and now wants to help other survivors. Her story reached thousands of people, including Houston’s Dr. Franklin Rose, plastic surgeon and owner of Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medspa.

“I felt terribly sorry for this pretty girl,” said Rose. “Just as I do if I see a burn patient.”

Through the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, Rose offers his work for free to some patients, including Busch.

“What do I get out of it? Helping people,” said Rose.

In August, Busch underwent a seven-hour operation. She then spent five weeks healing before revealing the results to her family and friends at her birthday party.

Busch said she was with several friends in early January when she met Jones in a coffee shop. She described him as well-dressed, well-spoken and told her he was named as one of “Houston’s 30 under 30.”

Busch shared her story at the party and also advocate for others like her, which she plans to do more of as she continues to recover.

“There are so many women that feel like victims,” Busch told the room, “and they feel ashamed when something like this happens.”

She also took the opportunity to thank the community for the overwhelming support.

“In a time like this, you really need people. You need people to stand by you and I have that, and I am really thankful,” Busch said to family and friends who gathered for an evening of celebration of her life and rebirth. 

Busch needed extensive surgeries to reconstruct her face. Dr. Franklin Rose provided her with plastic and reconstructive surgery pro-bono on behalf of The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation.

Rose found out about Busch’s case through her GoFundMe page, she said. “Several people in Houston saw my GoFundMe, knew my story and reached out to Dr. Rose. His office contacted me,” she said.

Through his Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, which offers free reconstructive surgery to cancer survivors and abuse victims, Rose performed a seven-hour surgery, on Busch for free to help her regain her natural look.

“Now, 10 months later, I can put makeup on and feel like a normal human being again,” Busch said. “I feel like I hit the jackpot. Dr. Rose was so understanding. I feel happy to look in the mirror again.”
Although Busch did not take from her GoFundMe account, she said she is still raising money for future surgeries

“I am still missing bones in my face and teeth,” she said.
On, Oct. 2, which was Rachel’s 35th birthday, more than 50 people gathered for her big post-plastic surgery reveal at the beautiful new InterContinental Houston – Medical Center hotel.

“It was surreal. At that moment, at the reveal, I knew that I would be okay,” Busch said. “That was the first time I did my hair and makeup since it all happened. I feel like a woman again. It was a magical night.”

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