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puppy pet silhouette

The end-all is to have a silhouette artistry done of your precious pet by Cindi Rose. A pet lover, knows how the furry friends can not help themselves. So silhouettist Cindi does their silhouettes for you, and donates to your favorite pet charities. Her doggie silhouettes are all-hand-cut with Swiss style medical scissors, and she gets all the incredible details, including the markings.

Cindi Rose can hand cut paper profiles of horses, cats, birds, and of course, grown-ups, children, buildings, but the furry friends are just so loveable, and add classic humor to your home. She can turn this into a mug, pet pendant or cufflinks, as mentioned in the article below, or plates, and actually you can style a whole event with her artwork. I recently went to a Pet Event, and Cindi had pet mouse-pads to order, and your pet on a doggie bowl. With the art, the silhouette is included, in an archival mat, and the good news, is Rose donates the profits either to Cancer or a Pet Cause. See silhouettes for survivors through the or


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