Holiday Values Featuring Cindi Rose in Pet Talk Magazine

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Silhouette Artist Cindi Harwood Rose Featured in the December Issue of Houston Pet Talk Magazine:


Happy Holidays! In our 6th Annual Holiday Values issue, we continue our fun tradition of asking notable Houstonians to share their “words of wisdom” with our readers by selecting a “value” that is meaningful to them and writing an essay. As yet another year comes to a close, it’s the opportune time to reflect about what is valuable to us and to look with hope and a renewed spirit toward the future.  May your holidays be filled with blessings as you spend time with family, friends, those in need and of course, your pets.
Holiday Food for Thought – By Michelle Mantor
Cindi Rose Pet Silhouettes
Always aware of those in need, Cindi creates Silhouettes For Survivors through the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation and she also creates pet silhouettes and donates a portion to Citizens For Animal Protection.

“Nurturing is nourishing and feeding others in body, mind and soul. By doing this, in turn, you reap the rewards of watching seeds grow (real and in the form of ideas), others blossom, which in turn, makes you thrive. As founder of The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation 501( c )( 3 ), which offers free post reconstruction, outreach, to those under and un-insured with cancer, I have found that humans nurtured by others live longer and want to live longer. I learned this from my beloved sister, Holly Harwood Skolkin, who with critical sickness of cancer, survived stage 4 cancer 15 years, by giving to others and allowing others to nurture her. She will always be my inspiration and my highest example of unconditional love, someone who could nurture others with her open heart and non-stoppable goodness. Holly Dolly, my Holly Lama, allowed others to grow by allowing them to give her love.

Caring and nurturing a pet, improves a human’s life. Some pets are brought to assisted living homes for cuddling and petting. The look of a dog’s loving eyes can make a person’s day, or the way that a pet owner is greeted by his/her pet the moment they come home. Many of my friends did not have children and it is through excellent care of their pets they have learned the gift of nurturing.

I love all things of nature and nurture. My biggest pleasure was having my children, Erica 29, and Ben, 27, as well as preparing meals daily for my husband, Franklin Rose. If he did not praise my culinary talents which feed my spirit, I would not take the care to please him by nurturing his body and mind with my healthy meals. The herbs often are grown in my garden, and I take care to extract the juices from live plants so it’s organic and fresh!

No matter how you look at it, when you give to others, you are giving to yourself. This includes a talent you may share, or your life’s work, as long as it improves the world we live in, and is for the highest good. In one sentence I would sum up nurturing as being courteous to all things living: human, animal, plant, and mineral, and thus, you are nurturing the planet, and your own spirit.” – Cindi Rose

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