Check into a Silhouette Artist’s Imagination, Not just Black and White

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Behind the Scenes of 002Houston Magazine photo shoot “Paper Scape” Video:
Watch the amazing video!
Watch the amazing video!
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Carla Valencia Martinez, 002 Magazine editor, came up with a new-world idea…Have renowned silhouette portrait artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, cut out organic scenes of Houston’s art and city life, creating paperscapes, to let others into the intricate images that propel her hand-cut exact psychic silhouettes. Carla enlisted computer genius and photoshop artist Cody Bess and a fashion model to pose into Cindi’s paperscapes.  Martinez asked for a Bistro scene, including couple and table cloth (just about 80 hours of hand-cuttings from life), a skating scene with skyline, the art museum with trees, and dimension (about 200 hours), a couple in the farmer’s market shopping (yes a few hundred hours of Cindi’s snippings), finalized with the Rothko Chapel-simpler, maybe 60 hours.  So point being, Rose snipped incredible worlds, Carla decorated and painted a model to fit into C. Harwood Rose’s cut-art world, and Cody mingled it on the computer to life.  -Origin Magazine

002 Magazine- PaperScapes
002 Magazine- PaperScapes
 Silhouette artistry today is as modern as always. History made in the current hot scene.


In this landscape inspired by the city of Houston, Cindi Harwood Rose takes her silhouette cutting skills to another level creating the perfect backdrops from a day at the Rothko Chapel to ice skating at Discovery Green or picking up local fares at a farmer’s market- this Paperscape depicts a perfect day in the city. –002 Magazine

Artist: Cindi Rose
Photography by Cody Bess
Assisted by Ryan Booth
Styled by Carla Valencia de Martinez
Model Magen Ellis for Page. 713
Hair and Makeup by Nikki Bartlett for The Perfect Face
Video Footage by Ryan Booth

As with many projects, you start to brainstorm ideas, and let your imagination take the idea to usually unrealistic conclusions.  As I met with the team from 002Houston Magazine about this project, the concept meeting started to become exactly this.  But, with the incredible amount of talent 002 possesses, we were able to put a realistic stamp on every idea that I normally would have figured out a plan “B”.  The artists that made this project go from concept to reality was Cindi Harwood Rose.  Inspired by the city of Houston, Cindi took her skill of being a Silhouette artist to create the perfect foundation for the project.  Once we were able to collaborate with Cindi, it seemed as if no idea should be put on the shelf.
Cody Bess

Edgy Silhouette Scenes


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“We often interact with visions in our mind, and live in our own world.  We are stars in our own fantasy.  I took well known spots—art museums, and with the help of incredible photographer, Cody Bess—the best artwork was the final piece.  We blended several visions, mine, Carla Valencia, brilliant editor of 002 Magazine, and hipster photo genius, Cody Bess.  Hand-cut silhouette art is a fashionable phrase.” – C. Harwood Rose


Cindi Harwood Rose began cutting silhouettes when she was 16. The self-taught artist knew she would be good at the age-old tradition and to this day continues to create her silhouettes in the ancient French tradition with no sketches. She simply looks at her subject, pulls out her trusty scissors, her favorite French paper (which was discontinued years ago so she set out to snap up what remained) and within minutes creates a perfect silhouette. Her skill has not only paid her way through college, it’s raised money for various local nonprofits as well as put her in the company of countless influentials including Elvis, Liberace and Barbara Bush to name a few.

Today she donates the proceeds to various nonprofits as well as her own foundation, The Rose Ribbon. There are a handful of Silhouette artists remaining today and Cindi is not only proud of her work, but of her counterparts as well. The Houston landscape was created by another Silhouette artist Cindi greatly respects – Catherine Winkler Rayroud.

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